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Dang that's harsh.

I just decided to come back to Live Journal again, and someone (who was a friend for a long long time) just removed me from their friend's list. On Christmas day of all days!

And George Michael Died!

I think I need to open up the bottle of Chocolate Wine that my friend Denise gave me...

I hope no one else decides to remove me. Please let me know first...

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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 07:04pm on 22/10/2015
Just wondering who's still reading... I did make a post the other day, after nearly two months of being absent...

So I was just checking in again to see who's still out there. Hope I still have some connections.

Happy Fall!
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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 08:10pm on 27/04/2015 under
I thought I'd post some pictures of my kitty... just because you need some cute kitty pics spamming up your LJ feed... right?

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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 09:08am on 28/02/2015
Good bye to a wonderful actor and a wonderful man, who created an enduring legacy in our culture.

I posted this comment just now on a friend's post about the passing of Leonard Nimoy:

I remember the days of watching the old original Star Trek series with my sister, as she would never miss a show whenever they aired back in the '70s or '80s... I was always more of a Spock fan than a Kirk fan, though Kirk was definitely the coolest! I just loved seeing Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek film "reboot" in 2009, and it's sad to think that he is gone now. Leonard Nimoy was also a visionary in other aspects, besides just playing Spock, from his photography ( The Full Body Project to his acting. He lived long and will prosper in all of our hearts!
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I am a bit late, but wanted to wish everyone a wonderfully Happy Holiday, and if you celebrated I hope you had a very happy Christmas!

We were just the two of us again this year, and Paddington of course! My mom is spending the holiday with her new "boyfriend"'s family here in Seattle (though I will meet her for breakfast on Saturday morning), my sister is up in Alaska, and my brother in Portland, with various other family scattered throughout California and Washington. I miss family, but me and Masahiko are always fine just by ourselves. We bought a huge, delicious Christmas cake from Safeway last night (just before they closed), we watched "Bad Santa" and I put together a Christmas puzzle, and it was nice and relaxing. Today we ate Yakisoba, and drank beer and I cleaned the apartment and washed clothes - and it was a nice day. I'm back to work tomorrow, but I'm off Monday for two interviews (with agencies), and then I work three days next week. Not too long until my job is done... and I hope I can find something else I can start soon!

I'm trying to be positive about things as this terrible year of 2014 ends. I want to be hopeful that things can only get better.

Hope you all are happy, healthy and warm this winter and holiday season!

I'll be back this weekend with maybe some pictures and other stuff. I want to post more in the new year too - more positive stuff at least!

Peace, Love and Happiness to everyone!
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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 11:38pm on 02/09/2014
Happy Birthday to my wonderful, dear friend, [personal profile] moondropz

I hope it was a day filled with all things you cherish and desire!!

Happy Birthday To You!

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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 11:35pm on 18/08/2014 under
Once again, I've neglected to post birthday messages for my friends. I'm too busy these days to do much else, so here goes, more rounds of birthday warm wishes to the following wonderful people:

[ profile] lostandalone22
[ profile] brynhilda
[ profile] myrrhmade
[ profile] darkwaver - happy birthday Glitter Graphics

Sorry I have been missing in action - though I'm not sure who's noticed. One of these days, I do have updates, photos, and other stuff.

But for now, my bed beckons!

Happiest of birthdays to you all! and happy continued summer...
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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 08:43pm on 30/07/2014 under
I have noticed that there are a ton of birthdays coming up - I'm sure I've missed quite a few, and for that I'm so sorry!

So, I'm wishing a Happy Birthday, past or present or future, to the following friends:
first the belated ones... (*hangs head*)
[personal profile] ghost_light
[personal profile] zimon66

then the ones that are at least within the last or next week...
[ profile] phantomsgyrl
[ profile] mocojez
[ profile] dove95
[ profile] toya121
[ profile] wolfpurplemoon
[ profile] passionate_hope

Birthday Graphics

If I missed your birthday, please forgive me.

I've been meaning to write an update, but there's not much exciting going on in my life. Last week was terribly stressful (don't want to go into the reasons why) - this week is a bit better. Life is just going by too quickly with nothing interesting to show for it - I just work all day, and hardly ever do anything fun.
Hopefully that will change soon.

Are you all enjoying summer? It's too hot here lately - I'm not much of a fan of heat. Plus the kids in the apartment community pool every day get on my nerves, they're so loud. I can't wait until I turn 55 and I can move into senior housing = seriously it would be so much quieter. Of course senior housing is a long ways off for me and I hope to be richer by then - as if!
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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 12:14pm on 26/07/2014
I'm just dropping by to say hi and show you this awesome video we took this morning of Paddington playing with his reflection in the mirror! I guess he started doing this every morning since we got this mirror from my sister. he is so amazingly funny!

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posted by [personal profile] laurainlimbo at 08:07pm on 08/07/2014
To my dear dear friend [profile] ageless_aislynn - happy birthday Glitter Graphics

I hope you had a wonderful day, and that the rest of your year is equally as awesome!!

Lots of love and *hugs*


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